Initiatives by Peter Soulsby

Transforming Leicester

Revitalizing the City Center: Under Mayor Soulsby’s leadership, Leicester’s city center has undergone significant transformation. The revitalization project focuses on improving pedestrian access, enhancing public spaces, and supporting local businesses to create a vibrant urban core.

Green Spaces and Public Parks: Recognizing the importance of green spaces for community well-being, numerous parks and public gardens have been developed and existing ones enhanced, ensuring that Leicester’s residents have ample space for recreation and relaxation.

Sustainable Development

Eco-Friendly Transportation: Committed to reducing the city’s carbon footprint, Mayor Soulsby has championed sustainable transport initiatives. This includes expanding Leicester’s cycle lanes, promoting electric vehicle use, and improving public transportation networks.

Renewable Energy Projects: Initiatives to increase the use of renewable energy in public buildings and facilities are a testament to Leicester’s commitment to environmental sustainability under Mayor Soulsby’s administration.

Community and Culture

Diverse Communities Engagement: Mayor Soulsby has been at the forefront of promoting inclusivity and diversity. His administration works closely with various community groups to ensure that all voices are heard and represented.

Cultural Festivals and Events: Leicester’s rich cultural scene is celebrated through numerous festivals and events, supported and often initiated by Mayor Soulsby’s office. These events not only entertain but also stimulate the local economy and promote cultural understanding.

Education and Youth Programs

Supporting Local Education: Recognizing the importance of education, Mayor Soulsby has been instrumental in developing programs and funding opportunities that support local schools and educational institutions.

Youth Engagement: By creating more opportunities for young people through sports, arts, and community involvement initiatives, Mayor Soulsby’s office aims to engage youth in positive activities and civic responsibility.

Safety and Wellbeing

Community Policing Initiatives: Working in collaboration with local police forces, Mayor Soulsby has focused on community policing to enhance safety and trust within the community.

Health and Social Services: Mayor Soulsby’s administration prioritizes accessible health and social services, ensuring that all Leicester residents have support when they need it.

Looking Ahead

Mayor Soulsby continues to focus on innovative solutions to urban challenges, ensuring Leicester remains a dynamic, inclusive, and sustainable city for all its residents.